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Books & Magazines Dec 10, 2009

British Design 2010

The fourth book in a series of design annuals, British Design 2010 is broken into four sections – branding/graphic design, packaging design, new media, and interior/retail design. While the core intent is to provide clients with a… Read more
Books & Magazines Sep 25, 2009

Design Revolution

DesignObserver’s Eve M. Kahn reviews Emily Pillotin’s Design Revolution, making sure not to gloss over any problems the book brings up. Pillotin has compiled over 100 designs that make an impact on people – or, in fact, empower… Read more
Design Sep 16, 2009

Ergonomics – Real Design

Opening on November 18, 2009, Ergonomics – Real Design focuses attention on the thought and science behind ergonomics. Fusing understanding of human performance with design and engineering, ergonomic design creates objects and products… Read more
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