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Advertising Feb 11, 2013

Top 5 Brands That Changed Pop Culture

Fight For Your Rights! The essence of what makes really good communication has not changed much over the years – we want interesting ads with stopping power, that make us think, communicate a relevant brand message, make us feel some … Read more
Accessories Nov 12, 2008

Dell Product Red Artist Series Laptops

Dell Computers teams with three artists for their Product Red Studio 15 and 17 laptops. Proceeds from Product Red go to eliminating aids in Africa. The three people chosen to work on the project all have a unique connection to … Read more
Art Apr 22, 2008

Damien Hirst x (Product) RED Auction T-Shirts

A while back we reported about a special Sotheby’s auction that was put together by Damien Hirst and all proceeds were donated to the RED (Global Fund) foundation. Works by himself, Murakami, Koons and many other high profile artists went… Read more
Skateboarding Apr 10, 2008

Girl Skateboards x (Product) Red

Now the first skateboard company also joined the (Product) Red initiative. Girl Skateboard Company will contribute the majority of its profits from their first (RED) Edition product to the global fight against AIDS. The skateboard deck… Read more
Art Aug 5, 2007

Converse (Product) Red x Dondi White

In October, Converse will be releasing a PRODUCT RED sneaker in conjunction with the estate of graff-legend, Mr Dondi White (one of the founding fathers of graffiti as we know it). The estate of the artist send over some old … Read more
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