Pulse LA

Art Oct 14, 2011

Pulse LA | Swoon at Christina Ray

Among the various pieces that Christina Ray was showing at Pulse L.A., our favorites were a couple of pieces by Swoon. Since viewing her TED talk, the Brooklynite can basically do no wrong in our book. More looks after the … Read more
Art Oct 11, 2011

Pulse LA | Black and White Gallery/Project Space

Black & White Gallery/Project Space was showing some pretty fresh stuff at Pulse L.A., including these pieces by Alicia Ross, KK Kozik, and Michael Van Den Besselaar. Check out their work after the jump. Photography: Matt Schow for Curated Read more
Art Oct 11, 2011

Pulse LA | Dean Project

Here is some more good stuff from the Pulse L.A. show. Dean Project was showing these fantastic pieces from Tim Berg and Rebekah Myers. Continuing with their exploration of ideas of material value and the consequences of the actions we … Read more
Art Oct 7, 2011

Pulse LA | Antena Estudio – Laura Ortize Vega

Laura Ortiz Vega was showing some pieces at the Antena Estudio booth at Pulse L.A., this year. Her hand style and bright color palette are equally reminiscent of 1980′s era subway burners, and 70′s era custom vans. We dig the … Read more
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