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Art Mar 9, 2011

Pulse NYC | Nicholas Metivier Gallery

The most impressive trompe l’oeil shown at Pulse NYC hung gracefully in the booth of Nicholas Metivier Gallery. The Toronto-based dealer showed Xiaoze Xie’s Standford Art Library (Nk2542-2547), 2011, an absolutely stunning painting… Read more
Art Mar 5, 2011

Pulse NYC | Silverlens Gallery

This painting by Luis Lorenzana caught my eye at Silverlens Gallery’s Pulse booth. Silverlens is located in Makati City, Philippines. Lorenzana is a self-taught artist, he studied Public Administration, who works his own unique brand of… Read more
Art Mar 4, 2011

Pulse NYC | Galerie Andreas Binder

Galerie Andreas Binder, from Munich, showed my personal favorite painting at Pulse. Yigal Ozeri Untitled (Israeli Army Girl), 2011 Oil on paper on wood, framed. Photograph by Jacob Breinholt for Curated. Read more
Uncategorized Mar 4, 2011

Impulse | Antena Estudio

Antena Estudio, of Mexico City, was one of the galleries showing at Impluse – a subsection of Pulse NYC hosting work less than two years old. Showing at Antena, Andres Basurto impressed with his broken bottle and poxy skulls. Stunning … Read more
Art Mar 4, 2011

Pulse NYC | Sienna Gallery

On view at the Sienna Gallery booth at Pulse (through March 6, 2011), Melanie Bilenker’s work employs the artist’s own hair as primary material. Inspired by Victorian notions of hair as conduit of memory, Bilenker uses her hair to… Read more
Uncategorized Mar 4, 2011

Pulse NYC | Pentimenti Gallery

Philadelphia’s Pentimenti Gallery shared the terrific work of Matthew Cox at Pulse (open through March 6, 2011). Cox embroiders on x-ray, forming works that are rich in color, texture, and (obviously) juxtaposition of material. Certainly… Read more
Art Mar 4, 2011

Pulse NYC | Zidoun Gallery

Some terrific work was shown through Zidoun Gallery of Luxembourg at Pulse (which runs through March 6, 2011). The above image collects a few works, and you’ll note the triptych Bike by Jeremy Wagner at the top of that. The … Read more
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