Sneakers Aug 7, 2008

Nike Rejuven8 Tier 0

Now that we get close to the start of the Beijing Olympics, Nike presents yet another Rejuven8 style, this time Tier 0, meaning very limited. This shoe has gotten the octagon treatment, hinting the occasion. It features a translucent black… Read more
Sneakers May 20, 2008

Nike Rejuven8 Summer ’08

A couple of weeks ago we gave you the background story of the newly launched Nike Rejuven8 and also presented you the Metal Stand Pack and the Olympic Village Pack. Here we give you a look at some nice upcoming … Read more
Sneakers May 11, 2008

Nike Rejuven8 – Olympic Village Pack

After giving you much background information on the construction and design of the new Nike Rejuven8 in the previous post, we present you yet another pack of thismodel that takes the upcoming Beijing Olympic Games as its inspiration – the… Read more
Sneakers May 11, 2008

Nike Rejuven8 – Medal Stand Pack

Designed with a focus on comfort, breathability and fit, the Air Rejuven8 is engineered to create an environment that allows the foot to rest and refresh in preparation for the next round of competition or training, making it the perfect… Read more
Sneakers May 11, 2008

Nike Rejuven8 – The Background Story

At a Thanksgiving dinner in 1999, a NIKE innovation leader’s seven-year-old son took the protective fruit net off an Asian pear and placed it around his bare foot. It was a playful gesture that immediately sparked the imagination of… Read more
Sneakers May 8, 2008

Nike 10AC Rejuven8 | Rejuven8 Mule

Recently we showed you the Nike Rejuven8 Beijing editions. Here we give you a first look at what seems to be the Rejuven8 out of the 10AC collection. It comes in all white  with white socket as well. Coal Uno … Read more
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