rick klotz

Advertising Apr 7, 2011

Freshjive Moving Pictures

Freshjive has launched a new program, Freshjive Moving Pictures, conceived to push the boundaries of traditional garment advertising. The first film is “Bicycle Seat.” Rick Klotz, owner, says, “I’ve had this 45 single of a Caribbean… Read more
Fashion Jul 14, 2009

Warriors of Radness Summer 2009 Collection

Los Angeles native Rick Klotz and his West Coast beach/surf culture-brand Warriors of Radness have unleashed their new summer 2009 gear. Apparel News has a great write up on Rick and the line: “inspired by the bright and edgy beach/surf… Read more
Uncategorized Nov 13, 2007

Urb Interviews Rick Klotz

Urb did an interview with the man behind Freshjive, Rick Klotz, during the last Magic Tradeshow, this past summer. Listen to the veteran of this industry and to what he has to say! “I don’t need a fuckin’ 17 year … Read more
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