rob l

Fashion May 26, 2008

Puma Rob L Pack | Clyde & T-Shirts

Just last week we first announced the Puma Pack in collaboration with UK sneaker customizer Rob L. Today we can show you the full pack which also consists of matching t-shirts for both sneakers. The pack will be released at … Read more
Sneakers May 20, 2008

Puma Rob L Clydes Pack

A tribute to UK sneaker customizer “Rob L”, PUMA teamed up with this devoted Clyde historian, collector and artist to develop the sought after “Archipelago Clydes”.First noting the presence of Clydes in the book “Spraycan Art”… Read more
Sneakers Dec 12, 2007

Rob L x Puma XR Runners

When it comes to sneaker customes there are several routes to take. In our opinion there are only two that make sense – either its a real piece of art, so you do not really count on wearing them, or … Read more
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