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Uncategorized Jul 27, 2009

Juxtapoz Talks To Shawn Stussy

Juxtapoz magazine recently visited Shawn Stussy in his studio and talked about his past, as well as his future. Of course they also touched base on S/Double, his new label, which is about to release its first collection. It’s a … Read more
Sneakers Aug 16, 2008

Shawn Stussy S/Double Interview

Ever since first rumors and images of the upcoming S/Double footwear collection by Shawn Stussy surface, with much anticipation we are all waiting for the official launch of the brand. After being out of the business for 12 years, after … Read more
Sneakers Jul 9, 2008

S/Double – Shawn Stussy’s New Brand

Shawn Stussy, the man behind Stussy, created one of the most recognized and respected brands in our industry. The brand is going stronger than ever this year.The man himself left Stussy years ago and it seems like he is on … Read more
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