World Cup Month Jun 24, 2014

A Highsnobiety Store Guide to São Paulo

Continuing World Cup Month, we round up the 15 best stores in São Paulo. If there’s any country worthy of hosting the football World Cup, it’s Brazil. The Brazilian national football team is the only team to have qualified for every… Read more
Architecture May 17, 2013

MDT House in Fazenda Boa Vista, Sao Paulo

The MDT House is located within the residential development of Fazenda Boa Vista in Sao Paulo. A massive 1,800 complex rolling with perfectly trimmed hills, deep blue lakes and untouched landscapes. It features a collective of newly built… Read more
Architecture Feb 18, 2013

Studio R by Studio MK27

Conceived by São Paulo based Studio MK27, this massive concrete bulding is home to a professional photography studio. Made up of three stories, that appear as stacks of concrete, the building holds a vast studio space on the ground floor… Read more
Architecture Nov 22, 2012

Casa Panama By Studio MK27

This breathtaking piece of archirecture designed by Studio MK 27 is located close to Paulista, the financial center of São Paulo, Brazil. The building was especially designed to house the client’s collection of modern and above all… Read more
Architecture Oct 28, 2012

House in Iporanga Brazil by Arthur Casas

Architect Arthur Casas has designed this stunning building, locatet in Iporanga, a municipality in the São Paulo state of Brazil. Stretching out on an impressive 4,300 square feet, with the brazilian breathtaking landscape right at the… Read more
Art Sep 21, 2011

Invader does SP Brazil

Invader recently took to the streets of Os Gemeos’ home town, Sao Paulo Brazil, where he put up his ubiquitous pixels among the scrawl of the pixadores. Included with the various pieces he hung in SP, Invader gives a nod … Read more
Art Jun 7, 2010

ROJO®NOVA at Museum of Image and Sound, Sao Paulo

In celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Museum of Image and Sound, ROJO®NOVA kicks off in Sao Paulo July 1, 2010. Billed as a celebration of contemporary culture, the event draws artists and musicians from around the world to … Read more
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