Art Nov 8, 2011

Tony Cragg. Dice sculpture.

Tony Cragg has created some fantastic new sculpture made of dice. Just don’t take your math savant friends to the show. More images after the jump. Read more
Art Nov 7, 2011

Video | Scott Campbell + Pirelli Motorcycles.

Tattoo artist Scott Campbell recent collaboration with Pirelli Motorcycles on their Holy Trinity Project. Campbell hand etched a design into the Pirelli Diablo Rosso II tire which was then placed on a special edition Ducati Diavel and… Read more
Art Oct 13, 2011

Porcelain Sculpture by Kate MacDowell

In addition to being strikingly beautiful, Kate MacDowell‘s work is subversively thought provoking. In her artist’s statement MacDowell writes: n my work this romantic ideal of union with the natural world conflicts with our… Read more
Art Oct 12, 2011

Guns | Sculpture installation by David Cerny

David Cerny brings out the big guns with this installation in Prague. Czech artist David Černý’s ‘Guns’ installation returned to Prague this summer where it is suspended by wires in the courtyard of the Artbanka Museum of Young Art… Read more
Art Oct 11, 2011

Anton Tang | Cardboard People

Anton Tang Is the creator of these this fantastic miniature series entitled “Cardboard People.” The series consists of scores of meticulously sculpted, posted and photographed mini-scale cardboard people. View more after the jump. Read more
Art Oct 6, 2011

Preview | Love Me + Skullphone at Mallick Williams

New York’s Curtis Kuilig, better known as “Love Me” is opening a joint installation with L.A.’s SKULLPHONE, this evening at Mallick Williams. The collection is entitled “Scripture.” Curtis Kulig decamped to New York where he… Read more
Art Oct 3, 2011

4th Dimension Concrete Clock

4th dimension concrete clock uses a three dimensional clock face to allow for a unique aesthetic, as the hands pass over it. The design is described as: A wall clock made of one solid piece from cement. Concept of linking … Read more
Art Sep 30, 2011

Porcelain Scull Pieces by Katsuyo Aoki

Check out these ridiculously cool sculptures by Katsuyo Aoki. The intricacy with which he creates the fractile-like details on these pieces is mind boggling. More images from this series after the jump. Read more
Art Sep 29, 2011

David Clarke | “Dead on Arrival”

Clarke is easily the most prominent avant-garde figure in the area of silversmithing here in the UK and has a well earned reputation for creative thinking and innovation. Clarke now devilishly takes antique solid silver objects, treasured… Read more
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