Furniture Apr 6, 2011

Loook Industries Box Furniture

Over the years, I’ve covered a considerable amount of furniture that creates private space in public environments. Loook Industries, a Finnish design firm, does just that with the Box Furniture series. Their boxes are soundproof… Read more
Furniture Feb 4, 2011

Bits Bench

Design Boom reports, “Swedish-based design studio Fulo (Olof Nordenson and Ulf N. Jevin) will present their ‘Bits’ bench at the 2011 Stockholm Furniture Fair.” The upholstery brings together hundreds of triangular birch plywood… Read more
Design Sep 6, 2010

Ulah Rockingseat by Alberto Sanchez

Inspired by traditional Spanish craft, Alberto Sanchez endeavors to meld local custom and the avant-garde in his Ulah Rockingseat. In this effort, he’s used a warm (and ecologically sound) cord and balanced it with cold metal wire. These… Read more
Design Jan 6, 2010

Molecule Seat System by Davide Tonizzo

Davide Tonizzo’s molecule seat system allows for unique and easily reconfigured seating arrangements. The shapes come fully upholstered or wood veneered with a padded top. (via Yanko Design). Davide began his design career in Turin… Read more
Design Oct 16, 2009

Theater Chairs by Studio Arne Quinze

Designed for the newly opened Dee and Charles Wyly Theater in Dallas by Studio Arne Quinze, these theater seats respond to the challenge of space that requires reconfiguring for each performance. The solution is a set of chairs that can … Read more
Design Jun 13, 2008

Nine-0 Seating Range

Inspired by 1940s submarine furniture, the Emeco Nine-0 seating range was designed by the late Ettore Sottsass. The range is essentially an updated version of Emeko’s 1006 1944 Navy chair and build of aluminum. Sottass takes the basic… Read more
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