Design Mar 3, 2010

JUXTAPOSED: Power Bookshelf

Designed by Mike and Maaike for blank blank, “Power” is the second in a series of Juxtaposed curated bookshelves. In this case, Athmeya Jayaram has selected several key titles dealing with the theme of power. Mike and Maaike take the… Read more
Design Dec 28, 2009

Metaconcrete ‘Signature’ Shelf

Not quite as ambitious as the full installation shelving featured recently, but of equal individual character, Metaconcrete’s “Signature” shelf balances sweeping curves and flat surfaces in a single dramatic piece of furniture. The… Read more
Design Jun 10, 2009

4 Degrees Book Shelf

Conceived by MicroWorks, the 4 Degrees Book Shelf system is designed to solve the problems of incomplete libraries. On a flat shelf, if one can’t fill all the space, books are required to lean. With a shelf built on a … Read more
Design Jun 9, 2009

Parasite Shelf

The Parasite Shelf is the design of Johanna Landin, a Swedish architecture and design student. The shelves are created out of a desire to produce movable storage units that act in symbiotic relationship with walls and other pieces of… Read more
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