Skateboarding Jun 3, 2008

DQM Decks

Dave’s Quality Meat has released some new skatedecks. The decks have a similar design to the recently released DQM x Nike Blazers. But if you want to have DQM spelled out, then you have to buy all three! Read more
Skateboarding Apr 18, 2008

Manik x S.King Skateboard Decks

Manik is a skateboard brand delivered by the guys behind the Goods store straight out of Seattle. The brand keeps a stylish and clean profile and is sold only through selected shops – Cali Skat Dep. is one of those … Read more
Skateboarding Mar 31, 2008

Adidas Skate “Mark Gonzales” Gazelle

Once again Adidas Skate drops a model designed by none other than Mark Gonzales. This time he worked on the Gazelle and gave this classic a complete make-over. The outcome is a well balanced beige/brown sneaker with subtle artistic touches… Read more
Skateboarding Jan 11, 2008

SHUT NY 2008 Decks

Here a look at the most recently released Shut NY skatedecks for 2008. As usual the brand presents a strong line-up of decks. In this series there also seems to be a Krink collaboration as well as Rostarr collaboration deck. … Read more
Clothing Nov 6, 2007

Alphanumeric Comes Back!

Here we have some great news, Alphanumeric, the first brand to fuse the skate and urban markets, the market that so many like to call now streetwear, will be coming back in 2008. According to The Hundreds/Mr. Kim the brand … Read more
Sneakers Aug 30, 2007

Adidas Skate x EA Sports

Adidas Skate got together with EA Sports on an interesting collaboration for the Skate game by EA Sports. Adidas Skate made a limited edition of 500 pairs of the pro model Mark Gonzales Superstars and Dennis Busenitz’s Gazelles. The only… Read more
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