Gadgets Aug 28, 2012

LG Electronics Optimus G

LG Electronics revealed this week its newest premium mobile device with the announcement of the Optimus G, a high-end smartphone that offers powerful performance, an elegant and sleek design, and an innovative user experience. As the first… Read more
Gadgets Aug 19, 2012

GameKlip – Real Controller – Real Games

Using a smartphone as an alternative to game consoles is common these days, but using the touch display for gaming is mostly very imprecise. Developers realised the demand and came up with the possibility of gaming on the smartphone by … Read more
Gadgets May 3, 2012


Today Samsung unveiled the third generation Galaxy S, the Galaxy S III. “Designed for humans and inspired by nature,” the smartphone features a 4.8-inch HD Super AMOLED display, quad-core Exynos processor, gesture functions and an 8MP… Read more
Design May 2, 2012

iPhone 5 LiquidMetal Concept

A while ago we gave you the latest rumor update, about the upcoming iPhone 5. Next to a new metal body, a larger screen size and some other functionality are expected and when looking at the competition in the market, … Read more
Gadgets Apr 2, 2012

Meet the iPhone Pro

The amount of concepts being created around Apple products, especially around their iPhone and iPad categories is incredible. As such the quality in many cases of those concepts is of course great. Some are more interesting than others… Read more
Gadgets Mar 15, 2012

Tag Heuer Racer

Today we take a first look at the upcoming Tag Heuer Racer. Known for their excellent wristwatches, the brand has recently ventured into the world of smartphones. Next up for release is the new Racer Android touchscreen smartphone, which… Read more
Gadgets Feb 28, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Beam – Projector Phone

Samsung has announced a new phone and it comes with a rather unexpected feature – the Samsung Galaxy Beam features a built in projector. The phone comes with a 4 inch screen, 1Ghz processor, 5 megapixel digital camera and 8 … Read more
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