Design Aug 23, 2011

“Take on Nature” Sofa by Gustav Segerstéen

When Gustav Segerstéen envisioned his “Take on Nature” sofa, he imagined the unity that occurs between two people when they start living together or get married. The separate parties usually merge their “stuff”, exemplifying the… Read more
Furniture Feb 21, 2011

The Standard Sofa

The Standard Sofa from BluDot does just what any household needs – seats two, cool and comfortable. As always, I love BluDot descriptions, “Standard issue modern reconsidered to deliver far from standard looks and comfort. Park your… Read more
Design Feb 8, 2011

Heretic Sofa

Autumn have released the Heretic, a dark sofa made from a re-purposed coffin. “Made from an 18 gauge steel coffin; the Heretic features 4 cast iron legs that support in upwards of 800 pounds, a hand built and sewn seating … Read more
Design Feb 3, 2011

Poltrona Frau’s Bebop Sofa

A heavily padded seat balances gracefully on slender tubular steel in Poltrona Frau’s Bebop Sofa. The notion seems on surface a touch ridiculous, but the end result is beautiful and comes upholstered in a range of leather colors. Designed… Read more
Design Jan 17, 2011

Soft Wood Sofa

Part of the Moment collection by Front for Moroso, you’d never guess the Soft Wood Sofa a piece of upholstered seating furniture. Equipped with photorealistic wood grain print textile, the seat certainly fools the eye. They say the sofa… Read more
Furniture Dec 31, 2010

The MUS Sofa

Designed by Spaniard Francesc Rife for Koo International, a firm renowned for upholstered seating, the MUS Sofa is a modular system with Nordic inspiration. The central seating area (composed of lounge and love seat) is surrounded by an… Read more
Design Dec 28, 2010

Boat Sofa

Korean designer Bongyoel Yang delivers the Boat Sofa, tipped as “ideal for those in flood prone regions.” The settee works, if pressed, as a water ready vessel, oars hidden beneath the cushions and at the ready if required. (via Design… Read more
Design Jul 19, 2010

Bardot by Jaime Hayon

Produced by Bernhardt, designer Jaime Hayon’s latest sofa and armchair set, Bardot, follows curves influenced by the flow of the human body. Hayon attempts to make full, comfortable pieces that don’t overwhelm small spaces yet still… Read more
Design Jul 2, 2010

Recent Furniture Designs by Velichko Velikov

A few new works from Velichko Velikov. Interesting points – the London-based designer flips from severe angularity to sweeping curves in the pieces and plays with a solid range of material. The angular pieces are more playful, and as such… Read more
Design May 25, 2010

BoConcept 2011 Designs

Flexibility and functionality fuel the new designs debuting from BoConcept this September. A prime example comes in the form of the Melo sofa (shown above) which combines sofa, recliner and guest bed in one. BoConcept continues its strength… Read more
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