Art Nov 18, 2011

Sol LeWitt Installation at Mondrian SoHo

As of this past Tuesday, a collection of 120 photographs of New York’s Lower East Side taken by Sol LeWitt in 1979 has been installed on the side of the Mondrian SoHo. It is a permanent installation, so you can … Read more
Stores Sep 4, 2008

Wakamaru Joins Uniqlo Workforce

Uniqlo once again proofs its innovative character. A while back we were impressed with the opening of their first UT store, selling t-shirts out of vending machines. Today we present you another great addition to Uniqlo stores – Wakamaru… Read more
Stores Jul 20, 2008

Nike Sportswear Flagship Store NYC

Nike is definitely serious with the recent addition of the Nike Sportswear collection. On the 8th of August, the day of the Beijing Olympics Opening, they will be opening a Nike Sportswear flagship store in New York City. It will … Read more
Stores Jan 13, 2008

Off Bowery Productions @ The Wreck Center

Just recently we showed you the interview by Heron Preston (watch them here and here) with A-Ron (former aNYthing), in which he introduced his new company, Off Bowery Productions, and hints at some upcoming ventures. We came across an… Read more
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