Design Jun 3, 2011

Speak-er Multimedia Speakers Set

Designed by Sherwood Forlee and Mihoko Ouchi, the Speak-er Set builds from the notion that great design speaks to you. The duo finds fun form in comic books and translates the aesthetic appeal to a sophisticated electronic device. Useful… Read more
Video Mar 2, 2011

Video | Metamaterial

“Metamaterials are artificial materials engineered to have properties that may not be found in nature.” – Dima Gruben. Read more
Art Jan 8, 2010

Mikal Hameed | Sound Sculptures

Tonight, Medicine Agency is bringing Brooklyn-based Mikal Hameed to San Francisco. The artist creates large scale sound sculptures and mixed media paintings with reclaimed furniture and vintage audio equipment. “Urban Manifesto #2″… Read more
Art Oct 28, 2009

Bill Viola: Bodies of Light

Bodies of Light spans two decades of work by video artist Bill Viola. Viola has been instrumental in establishing the roll of video and sound in fine arts. The work is on view through December 19, 2009. James Cohen Gallery, … Read more
Art Jul 16, 2009

Kit Webster

Australian artist Kit Webster specializes in sound and light displays. His most recent project brought a series of flashing lights to the Builders Arms Hotel in Melbourne for the annual Gertrude Street Projection Festival. Bringing… Read more
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