Spring/Summer 2013

Fashion May 15, 2013

Maiden Noir Spring/Summer 2013 New Releases

Seattle-based menswear label Maiden Noir have released the second delivery of their Spring/Summer 2013 collection. The small but concise collection features their ubiquitous Japanese militia textile garments, including their popular chinos… Read more
Fashion Apr 12, 2013

Grand Scheme Spring/Summer 2013 Collection

Australia’s Grand Scheme presents its Spring/Summer 2013 collection consisting of a nice range of shirts, 5-panels and bottoms. All-over prints in varying degrees of subtlety are on point with current trends while a few solid colored… Read more
Fashion Mar 7, 2013

P.A.M. Hand-Dyed Spring/Summer 2013 Collection

In easily one of the weirdest lookbooks we’ve seen in a while, Australian brand P.A.M. presents a collection of hand-dyed goods set against a green screen background. Each piece is hand-dyed in Dakar using traditional Mali techniques. The… Read more
Sneakers Mar 4, 2013

Gourmet Spring/Summer 2013 Collection

Los Angeles footwear manufacturer Gourmet has given us a first look at their upcoming Spring/Summer 2013 collection featuring a range of unique patterns and prints. Different materials find their way into the collection too including… Read more
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