Design Dec 3, 2009

Emiliano Godoy’s Flex Collection

Designed for Mexico City-based Pirwi, the Flex Collection is built through the creation of a twisted plywood formed mesh. The pieces are delicate, yet structurally very strong. The resulting stool, bench, and coffee table maintain… Read more
Design Nov 23, 2009

Keil stool by Daniel Heer

The Keil stool is built on a cubic frame of wood (with short legs at one end) that is then wrapped in textile to form the seat. Given the nature of both shape and wrapping, the stool is designed for … Read more
Design Nov 17, 2009

Sottoman Stool/Side-Table

Being a bit of a stool fanatic, and also drawn to multi-use furnishings, Courtney Clark’s Sottoman Stool/Side-table fits the bill. An MFA candidate in 3D Design at Michigan’s famed Cranbrook Academy of Art, Clark has previously held an… Read more
Design Nov 3, 2009

The Kautsch Collection

Fashion designer Carolyn Fieber’s “The Kautsch Collection” brings the work of her great great-grandfather into a contemporary vocabulary. In 1895, Johann Bretz created his first couches. His company was then located in the Rhine River… Read more
Design Oct 29, 2009

‘Nono’ Chair

A conception of how people use various objects to recline forms the basis of thought behind the ‘Nono’ chair. Designed by Stefano Soave, the chair more closely resembles a high stool, and allows for seating in several configurations… Read more
Design Oct 27, 2009

Aldo Bakker’s Urushi Series

Crafted from the traditional Japanese lacquering method, Urushi, Dutch designer Aldo Bakker’s new series includes side table, stools and cutlery. Urushi is made up of tree sap, and requires 60 layers for full form. Bakker’s creations… Read more
Design Oct 26, 2009

Pitch Stool

Chicago native Nicolai Czumaj-Bront has been designing furniture since 2002. His concepts have been both personal (for his studio Beoform) and in the aid of work at Haworth. He’s been honored with a NeoCon Gold Award and won Design Within… Read more
Design Oct 1, 2009

Skram Cork Drop Stool

Based in Hillsbourough, North Carolina, Skram has been producing modern furnishings for home, office, and more since 2001. Jacob Marks, a self-taught furniture maker, relays an interest in craft to mass production and gives Skram’s… Read more
Design Sep 11, 2009

Michael Marriott for Paul Smith

Product designer Michael Marriott has teamed with Paul Smith to offer a new piece of furniture. Simply composed, with bright color bands contrasting with the undecorated surfaces, the wooden stool/table is produced in a limited run of 100… Read more
Design Aug 28, 2009

Bow Wow Stool

The Bow Wow Stool is the result of a competition to furnish a new exhibition space by Japanese architects Atelier Bow Wow. The building at Krabbesholm Hojskole in Skive, Denmark now boasts these beautifully simple seating pieces by Morten… Read more
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