Watches Apr 24, 2012

Suunto Core Alu Deep Black

Suunto drops another functional and sporty watch with this Core Alu Deep Black. The outdoor watch has the features you need for getting down and active in a natural setting. The Core Alu Deep Black comes equipped with an altimeter, … Read more
Watches Dec 6, 2011

Suunto Vector Sporty Rouge Limited Edition

Performance watch maker Suunto drops this limited edition Vector in a sporty rouge (red) color. In addition to telling time, the Vector is capable of multiple functions including serving as an electronic compass, altimeter, and barometer… Read more
Accessories May 31, 2011

Suunto Elementum Terra All Black

From their premium Elementum range, Suunto presents the Terra All Black. We have liked the collection from the start and appreciate to have at least a little bit of choice in the sports oriented digital watch area, when it sometimes … Read more
Accessories May 29, 2009

Suunto Elementum Collection

Sports watchmaker Suunto is going upscale and presents their Elementum Collection. Definitely a nice and much needed move from the brand. Their large scale watches were already a success in the lifestyle sector and now they are planning to… Read more
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