Boots Nov 18, 2013

20 Great Boots to Get You Through the Winter

If the prospect of a SneakerBoot is still way too progressive for you and you’re more of a traditionalist when it comes to seasonal footwear, that’s more than alright with us. In fact, we’d like to go out of our … Read more
Sneakers Jan 28, 2012

SWIMS Fabio Sneakers

Following their wingtips, loafers and moccasins, SWIMS has released an interesting new sneaker for spring. Made of SWIMS “cashmere” nylon upper with multiple airvents, and a rubber toe cap the shoe is water-resistant, though the leather… Read more
Shoes Sep 3, 2011

SWIMS Loafers

Norwegian designer Johan Ringdal founded SWIMS to modernize typical rain gear by utilizing innovative materials and designs. Most interesting is their foray into footwear, which feature state of the art materials: cashmere nylon, EVA soles… Read more
Boots Jul 27, 2011

Swims Helmut Desert Boots

Having already previewed Swims’ Spring/Summer 2011 collection, we have a better look at their moccasin, that’s actually titled as the Helmut Desert Boot. Each shoe is made up of 3M Scotch Guard high density nylon uppers and a hydro… Read more
Shoes Jun 21, 2011

Swims Wing Tip Shoes & Moccasins

Previously known for their rain covers for shoemakers such as John Lobb, Swims continues to present interesting alternatives, made especially for the rainy days out there. Going beyond the cover with their new offering, Swims presents a… Read more
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