Uncategorized Jul 7, 2011

“Harmony Korine” Richardson T-Shirt

Created by British designer Andrew Richardson, Richardson Magazine – which covers and analyzes sex – has worked with with the director, producer, screenwriter, and author Harmony Korine (Gummo, Kids, etc.) on a special edition t-shirt… Read more
Uncategorized Dec 20, 2010

Mergs for LTD Tee

Perhaps not London’s hottest, but certainly one of the best known, graffiti artists Mergs is the latest talent to connect with LTD Tee. His work “The Birds” comes in a limited box set of t-shirt, museum quality fly print, and … Read more
Art Sep 6, 2010

LTD Tee Hunter S. Thompson Box Set

The latest release in LTD Tees limited box set series finds Cloxboy channeling Hunter S. Thompson. Cloxboy’s designs and illustration can be found on banner ads, websites, web games, apparel and print media. Cloxboy’s clients include… Read more
Art Jul 19, 2010

Jean-Michel Basquiat by David Flores T-Shirt Box Set

LTD Tee presents a honorific t-shirt and print set by David Flores celebrating the legacy of Jean-Michel Basquiat. A portrait of the icon of graffiti and urban art makes up the base for Flores, who has previously done collaborative work … Read more
Art Dec 26, 2009

Futura x Oil Works Box Set

Futura teams with Hip-Hop collective Oil Works on a collaborative box set. The package consists of a vinyl picture 12″ EP (with music produced by Olive Oil), a t-shirt and a blanket, each outfitted with artwork from both Futura and … Read more
Fashion Aug 1, 2009

Stussy x Mishka T-Shirt

Mishka will be performing live in the Stussy Harajuku store on 7th of August. For the occasion the musician and the brand of course also worked on a collaborative t-shirt. The t-shirt will be released at the event and also … Read more
Art Jul 29, 2009

Concrete Hermit at Tate Modern

Since 2004, Chris Knight’s Concrete Hermit has served as a platform for underground artists – starting with t-shirt and print sales online and moving to a full fledged gallery space in East London in 2007. Knight has always allowed the… Read more
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