Furniture Feb 23, 2011

Backgammon Table

Oomph’s backgammon table is a beautiful addition to any gaming household. Complete with handmade leather cups, individually colored for dice, the table is available in a rainbow of color options. No color, it should be noted, damages the… Read more
Furniture Feb 10, 2011

Designers at Large Convertible Table

Designed for confined living, this convertible table swiftly shifts from coffee to dinning table. The piece is from Designers at Large, based in Vancouver, who use a waterjet cutting process to maximize material usage. The table comes from… Read more
Design Feb 4, 2011

Hoerboard Table

Professional DJs and hobbyists alike will appreciate the sleek design and line of Hoerboard‘s turntable housing table. Easily adaptable for the Serato set, the table begins at a base price of 1700 Euros. (Perhaps hobbyists won’t… Read more
Furniture Jan 21, 2011

Parra “The Fly New Coffee Table”

Belgian studio Toykyo has collaborated with Dutch artist Parra on a coffee table that is a sure conversation starter. Using Parra’s trademark legs to provide the base, the table comes with a strong range of colorful tops. (via Gltn). Read more
Design Jan 19, 2011

Ola Foldable Table

More from imm cologne, this time from Swedish Design Studio Akka. Their Ola Foldable Table shared top honors at the International [D3] competition. Use of the portable, foldable table is demonstrated in the above video. Still images are… Read more
Furniture Jan 14, 2011

The Twist Table by Lukas Scherrer

Another simple table with a subtle turn, Lukas Scherrer, of the San Francisco-based Shibuleru Studio, knows how to twist (pun intended) the mundane. His typical rectangular “Twist Table” offers a little surprise at most over looked… Read more
Uncategorized Jan 13, 2011

Moises Hernandez Carmelo Tables

Mexican designer has a knack for simple flare. His complementary tables, named Carmelo, are simple enough. The basic forms are produced of ash, then given some eye candy by way of a lacquer diagonal stripe. This provides both personality… Read more
Furniture Jan 12, 2011

House of Cards Table

Yatzer reports, “The House of Cards Table is a piece of furniture that addresses topics such as lightness and instability, but with sense of humor which is a mark of the work by Brazilian designer-architect Mauricio Arruda.” Solid… Read more
Design Dec 16, 2010

Furniture by John Galvin

Scottish furniture maker John Galvin has been winning a slew of awards recently. In 2009, he was New Creative Design Business of the Year. Galvin’s followed that honor with inclusion in I-Con products of the year, and in Home and … Read more
Design Aug 30, 2010

Furniture | Marina68

Barcelona-based Marina68 produces some fantastic furnishings. Partners Rafel and Cristian experiment with material contrast (metal, cork, fabric) and the results are quirky without losing site of functionality. Their work in cork… Read more
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