Art Aug 28, 2009

Mark Khaisman | INTRAspective

Mark Khaisman works in tape. His “tapeworks” are produced with translucent red packing on acrylic panel. These are then placed over aluminum light boxes. The detailed aesthetic of the “tapeworks” also informs his “patternworks”… Read more
Skateboarding May 27, 2008

Custom Griptape By Subhead

If you are tired of the griptape that you find in every skate store from here to Alaska, then Subhead has a nice option for you. They are specialized in anti-slip stickers and now also offer their custom stickers for … Read more
Sneakers May 19, 2008

Saucony Jazz O Duct Tape

Saucony is coming back. We cannot tell you yet if it will be a strong comeback, but the brand is certainly back on the map and the sneaker world is watching them. Collaborations with David Z and others that are … Read more
Skateboarding Mar 14, 2008

Univ Skateboarding Products

Following the recent introductions of a UNIV + Haze skateboard, the UNIV + Fiberops skateboard, UNIV is pleased to announce its introduction of even more skateboarding products. Featured are four sizes of UNIV skateboards with the famous… Read more
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