Architecture Apr 28, 2010


Richard Meir, celebrated American architect, is subject of the most recent release from Tachen’s Basic Architecture series. As with all books in the collection, Meier explores the architects life through essays and 120 richly illustrated… Read more
Architecture Apr 8, 2010

Public Architecture Now!

In Public Architecture Now!, Philip Jodidio compiles some of the most compelling and creative public works of recent years. Each responds to the unique questions of function and style that are raised in the erection of concert halls… Read more
Architecture Mar 8, 2010

Ando. Complete Works, Updated 2010

Forthcoming from Taschen, Ando: Complete Works. is a fully updated look at the architect Tadao Ando. His buildings have been described as “land art” and draw influence from both his native Japan and modernist tradition. Ando’s output… Read more
Architecture Mar 1, 2010

Architecture Now! Museums

Catch up with recent trends in museum architecture through Architecture Now! Museums. 50 projects are highlighted, each representing major figures who have pushed the boundaries of contemporary museum design. Frank Gehry’s Art Gallery of… Read more
Books & Magazines Jan 30, 2009

Art Now Volume 3

“Tracking the trends of the art world today, bringing you illustrations and information about all the important artists.” Take this statement for what you will, but be sure that Taschen’s Art Now Volume 3 is quite comprehensive in… Read more
Art Jan 13, 2009

Christopher Wool, Art Edition

One of the latest art edition monographs from Taschen celebrates and dissects the work of Christopher Wool. Owing much to the abstract expressionists and pop artists that proceeded him, Wool’s work pushes beyond those “isms” to… Read more
Books & Magazines Dec 1, 2008

Christopher Wool By Taschen

Similar to the large scale collectors edition on Jeff Koons, that Taschen released a while back, they are now coming out with “Wool”, a book on Christopher Wool, whose work we have recently seen on Supreme skate decks. “Covering all… Read more
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