Uncategorized May 16, 2011

CARTRAIN Sneaks Artwork Into the Tate

Animal reports this sneaky news – “Remember East London graffiti kid CARTRAIN who stole pencils from Damien Hirst’s Pharmacy at the Tate as revenge for Hirst the Ripper seizing his diamond skull collage work? Recently, CARTRAIN and… Read more
Art Apr 5, 2011

Video | TateShots: Jon Snow on Watercolour

“Jon Snow, Channel 4 newsreader and passionate watercolourist, walks us around the Watercolour exhibition at Tate Britain. Snow picks out his favourite works in the show and tells us what he finds so fascinating about the medium.” –… Read more
Art Mar 29, 2011

TateShots: Do Ho Suh — Staircase-III

“A gauzy red staircase floats high up in a gallery at Tate Modern, the latest installation by artist Do Ho Suh. Watching as the team pinned the fabric in place, he told us about his inspiration. Staircase-III is one of … Read more
Art Mar 9, 2011

TateShots: Karla Black

“Karla Black is one of the contemporary artists featured in Tate Britain’s new Watercolour exhibition. But her approach to the medium is unorthodox. Mixing paint with other materials such as nail-varnish, vaseline, and body lotion she… Read more
Art Feb 11, 2011

TateShots: Callum Innes studio visit

“TateShots travelled to Edinburgh to meet Callum Innes, one of the artists featured in Tate Britain’s new Watercolour exhibition. Innes allowed us to film him at work in his studio, revealing just how contemporary the watercolour medium… Read more
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