Photography Aug 19, 2011

Video | TateShots: Don McCullin

;feature=youtube_gdata TateShots sits down with Don McCullin, a British photojournalist most known for his role as a war photographer, a title he despises. His exhibit at Tate Modern features photos of war, poverty, and homelessness… Read more
Video Jul 19, 2011

Video | TateShots: 11 Rooms, Manchester Festival

“A floating man, a naked woman, and a human revolving door are just some of the surprises that make up ’11 Rooms’, an exhibition at the Manchester International Festival 2011. Artists such as John Baldessari, Roman Ondák and Marina… Read more
Art Feb 11, 2011

TateShots: Callum Innes studio visit

“TateShots travelled to Edinburgh to meet Callum Innes, one of the artists featured in Tate Britain’s new Watercolour exhibition. Innes allowed us to film him at work in his studio, revealing just how contemporary the watercolour medium… Read more
Art Jan 28, 2011

TateShots: Ai Weiwei, one-to-one

“For Ai Weiwei the act of individuals voicing opinions and communicating with one another is of great importance. From October 2010 to May 2011, visitors to his piece Sunflower Seeds, currently on show in the Turbine Hall at Tate Modern… Read more
Art Aug 6, 2010

Video | TateShots Edinburgh: Martin Creed

With the Edinburgh Festival in swing this month, TateShots will be presenting four videos celebrating art in and around the city. The first subject is Martin Creed. He is a former Turner Prize winner and his thoughts on exhibiting art … Read more
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