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Other Mar 13, 2013

What if Big Brands Sponsored Superheroes?

In an age of mass sponsorship it’s not so ludicrous to think of big brands sponsoring the fictitious superheroes we look up to. Product placement is already the norm so it’s not farfetched to bump that branding up a notch and slap … Read more
Design Sep 25, 2012

What If Tim Burton Drew The Avengers?

If Tim Burton drew the Avengers, they would probably look very similar to these drawn figures that popped up on the web. We see the resemblance but wouldn’t believe in any closer alliance between this artist and the real Tim … Read more
Gadgets Jun 7, 2012

InfoThink x Marvel’s The Avengers Flash Drives

Taiwan electronics brand InfoThink have teamed up with Marvel to release a set of The Avengers flash drives. The collection consists of Captain America’s shield, Thor’s hammer, Hulk’s smashing fist and Iron Man’s helmet, all making… Read more
Toys May 21, 2012

LEGO x Marvel’s The Avengers Figures

Marvel’s The Avengers keeps the momentum going this time off the screen with these buildable figures from LEGO. Captain America, Iron Man and, our favorite, the Hulk are now available from the iconic building block toy company. You can… Read more
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