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Art Apr 13, 2010

The Creative Lives Presents: Barry McGee

The Creative Lives met up with one of the most celebrated artist of our young generation – Barry McGee. “One of the most influential artists of our generation Barry McGee was recently asked to reinstall a work of his at … Read more
Art Apr 6, 2010

The Creative Lives Presents: Futura

The Creative Lives continues to bring us some great artist documentary features. The latest one is on Futura and his 2008 exhibition in Los Angeles. “A man that needs very little introduction, one of the godfathers of modern graffiti… Read more
Art Mar 30, 2010

Porous Walker Documentary on The Creative Lives

The Creative Lives premiere a short documentary on Napa, CA based artist Jimmy DiMarcellis aka Porous Walker. “In this feature we follow Jimmy as he installs his sculptures and drawings at Receiver Gallery in the Mission District of San… Read more
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