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Uncategorized May 14, 2012

Video: Howard Stern Interviews Sacha Baron Cohen

Oh wow… how often do you see Sacha Baron Cohen as Sacha Baron Cohen? Howard Stern sat down with Cohen who is out and about promoting his new movie The Dictator. It’s such a seldom occurrence to see the … Read more
Movies Mar 28, 2012

Video: The Dictator – Trailer 2

The first trailer for Sacha Baron Cohen’s new film ‘The Dictator’ has released in December. As we get closer to the release of the movie, the second trailer, which is surprisingly funny, has dropped today. Watch it now here above. Read more
Movies Mar 12, 2012

“The Dictator” – Portraits

Sasha Baron Cohen’s The Dictator made our list of most anticipated movies for this year, and we are still a few months away from its release, but to further whet the appetite for the release, the movie’s star has released … Read more
Movies Feb 27, 2012

Video: Sacha Baron Cohen vs. Ryan Seacrest

Sacha Baron Cohen made an “unexpected” appearance at the Oscars last night as his latest character, The Dictator, from yet another “controversial” film. Upon the encounter between E! Entertainment host, Ryan Seacrest, and “The… Read more
Movies Feb 2, 2012

Video: The Dictator Super Bowl Spot

After showing you the first trailer for Sacha Baron Cohen’s new movie ‘The Dictator’ in mid December, we can present today the official Super Bowl Spot that they have produced. “Hey America, I just bought NBC, I know the final … Read more
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