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Photography Dec 28, 2012

Impossible Project SX70 Camera Gold Edition

The Impossible Project‘s SX 70 Alpha Ivory camera has received the Midas Touch, now featuring anodized aluminum gold panels on a white body. Highly limited to only 35 pieces, each camera comes in an elegant gift box with with two … Read more
Gadgets Nov 14, 2012

SASQUATCHfabrix. SX-70 Cameras

After Bape, fellow Japanese brand SASQUATCHfabrix. worked on custom versions of the iconic SX-70 camera. When Bape worked with premium leather on the camera, SASQUATCHfabrix. decided to go with vintage metal customizations, resulting in a… Read more
Gadgets Aug 16, 2012

Impossible for Bape Polaroid Camera Set

The Impossible Project presents its latest collaborative effort. This time they teamed up with Japanese brand Bape on a Polaroid Camera Set. The brand worked on the iconic SX70 Polaroid camera, gave it a premium leather upper with the Bape… Read more
Gadgets Apr 9, 2012

Impossible Project Black Label Polaroid SX-70

The Impossible Project introduces their new Black Label Polaroid SX-70 camera. Any folding Polaroid camera will catch peoples attention, but this new Black Label version is especially nice we have to admit. This unique kit contains a… Read more
Gadgets Mar 30, 2010

Polaroid 600 One Camera Kit by Paul Giambarba

Polaroid resurrectionists The Impossible Project are selling a nice little starter kit. “Stylish modern Polaroid 600 camera, brandnew and pimped to rock your analog world, plus one pack of matching Polaroid 600 film. Design-award-winning… Read more
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