too black guys

Fashion Sep 24, 2008

Too Black Guys Fall 2008 T-Shirts

Too Black Guys recognizes that some folks are driven by media prompted fear. And, so what they’ve done is base their Fall 2008 t-shirt line up on that theme. Axis of Evil, Merchants of Fear, comments on health care and … Read more
Fashion Jun 17, 2008

Too Black Guys Summer ’08 Lookbook

Too Black Guys presents Jim Crow Couture Summer 08. This photo shoot features TBG’s summer 08 collection on some of Hip Hop’s most promising up and coming talents, Pacific Division, Diz Gibran, and new artist TiRon.  With the continuance of… Read more
Clothing Oct 18, 2007

TBG – Church! Pimps In The Pulpit!

TBG presents this trailer for their fall 2007 collection entitled CHURCH! PIMPS IN THE PULPIT. It visually demonstrates some of the overlapping similarities between organized religion and the pimp game as well as taking a candid look at the… Read more
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