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Clothing Nov 6, 2013

Trend Report Fall/Winter 2013: Side Zips

As loungewear swiftly becomes a permanent fixture in our everyday outfits, we equally as swiftly need to find ways to distinguish it from the clothes that we wear when we actually lounge. The easiest way to do this is usually … Read more
Footwear Oct 31, 2013

Trend Report Fall/Winter 2013: Clunky Sneakers

The trajectory of the running sneaker has been well documented, both visually by street photographers, in word by journalists and a combination of the two by ourselves. The trend has taken the slimmest of silhouettes and made them even… Read more
Caps & Hats Oct 23, 2013

Trend Report Fall/Winter 2013: Baseball Caps

There seems to be a definitive pattern emerging between common and ubiquitous fashion silhouettes and their reinvention through the use of luxury fabrics. Take the Jogger Pant for example - which we explored in depth in one of our previous… Read more
Clothing Oct 9, 2013

Trend Report Fall/Winter 2013: Jogger Pants

The turning of the tides is now signaled by an item of clothing losing the purpose it was originally designed for. Take the bomber jacket for example, now more often seen on the well-dressed than members of the military, or the trench … Read more
Accessories Oct 1, 2013

Trend Report Fall/Winter 2013: Backpacks

Backpacks might not be the most revolutionary addition to this year’s fall/winter trends, but in the past few seasons there has been a distinct shift in their prevalence, across all spectrums of fashion. Brands that might not ordinarily… Read more
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