Fashion Apr 27, 2010

Triumvir x Super Street Fighter X Collection

In conjunction with Capcom’s Super Street Fighter IV® release, Triumvir has conceived the Super Street Fighter X collection. Inspired by graphics from the iconic Super Street Fighter II® released back in 1993, the collection presents an… Read more
Fashion Mar 6, 2010

Triumvir Spring 2010 Lookbook

Following the video preview, here’s a full look into the new “Divided We Fall” collection from Triumvir. With a focus on minimalistic aesthetics, historical allusions (this season features seperate Army, Airborne and Navy deliveries)… Read more
Fashion Dec 9, 2009

Triumvir x Street Fighter Psycho Brigade Video

In the past collaborations with Capcom, Triumvir adapted the Street Fighter® franchise into clothing for the dedicated fan while keeping consistent with its own historical and military inspired aesthetics. For their upcoming collection… Read more
Fashion Oct 14, 2009

Triumvir Autumn 2009 Collection | Blind Faith

Combining strong historical influences from the Roman Civil Wars era of Constantine the Great with a variety of films and animated features, Triumvir has created a collection based on a post-apocalyptic world where the old fuses with the… Read more
Fashion Jul 16, 2009

Triumvir Summer 2009 “Wild Days” Collection

In Triumvir’s Summer 2009 Collection, “Wild Days”, creative director Brandon Cheng presents an interpretation of the rebellious and melancholic youth of a Nation. Taking influences from the post World War II period, the current state… Read more
Caps & Hats May 16, 2009

Triumvir Legio XIII Collection

Triumvir presents a small continuation capsule collection to their former Spring 2009 collection. Legio XIII is one of the more historically remarkable Roman legions. Graphically the t-shirts and fitted caps of the collection were inspired… Read more
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