Sneakers Jul 15, 2008

Troop Pro Edition

With a bunch of young rappers brining the ’80s back, it is no huge surprise some brands are taking strides to relaunch. Once iconic New York brand, turned butt of jokes, and now again raising eyebrows, Troop is one of … Read more
Fashion Apr 1, 2008

Nelly To Revive Troop

Here are some interesting news. Nelly has according to DNR bought the license for Troop and wants to bring the brand back into the market by end of the year. “The iconic ’80s hip-hop brand Troop has a new lease … Read more
Sneakers Jul 25, 2007

Troop Is Back

It is always good seeing the upcoming goods of some of our favorite brands. But what makes a tradeshow really good is discovering new things as well. At United in NYC one of the most interesting things we came across … Read more
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