Lifestyle Dec 21, 2013

Tumblr’s 2013 Year in Review

After analyzing millions of blogs, billions of posts, and zillions of notes, Tumblr has finally released their 2013 Year in Review in order to give you a glance at all the amazing stuff you may have missed this past year. A … Read more
Fashion Jul 11, 2013


Most collections have many looks but all the hot fashion bloggers, aka us, have that “one item.” Thankfully a fantastic new Tumblr, titled SHIT BLOGGERS WEAR, has undertaken the incredible task of hand drawing those “items” and… Read more
Tech May 20, 2013

Yahoo! Acquires Tumblr for $1.1 Billion USD

Yahoo! has agreed to pay $1.1 billion USD for Tumblr. With more than 100 million users but very little revenue, Tumblr’s new deal highlights the shifting balance of power in the technology business. Yahoo! and Tumblr announced the… Read more
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