TV Sep 25, 2012

Video: The Simpsons – Homer Votes 2012

Who will Homer Simpson vote for in the 2012 Elections? Barack Obama or Mitt Romney? On September 30, 2012, you can watch the season 24 premier on Fox and find out more. As expected in true Simpsons fashion, the full … Read more
Advertising Sep 22, 2012

Watch Apple’s First iPhone 5 TV Ads

It looks like Apple has launched a first series of iPhone 5 TV Ads. Showing off different capabilities of the new smartphone, the ads are definitely very compelling and well produced. Watch all of them, “Physics,” “Cheese,”… Read more
TV Sep 13, 2012

Video: Breaking Bad – Illustrated

Today we can show you this great motion graphics version of the Breaking Bad intro. Designed and animated by Martin Woutisseth, the style and music perfectly fit the popular TV show. Watch it now here above. Read more
TV Sep 5, 2012

The Walking Dead – Season 3 Official Poster

AMC has released the poster for the upcoming third season of The Walking Dead. We are certainly counting the days up until October 14th, when the show is scheduled to make its return. With Breaking Bad done for the year, … Read more
TV Aug 31, 2012

Sony Unveils Their XBR 4K TV

Sony has outdone themselves once again, with four times more resolution than Full HD, in 4K the 84″ (diag.) 4K LCD screen contains no less than 8 million, yes 8 million, individual pixels (3,840 x 2,160). At a closer, more … Read more
TV Aug 16, 2012

10 Favorite Obscure Characters From The Simpsons

Writers from The Simpsons have selected their 10 favorite obscure characters from the long running TV program. We’re a bit bummed to not see characters like Frank Grimes or the “Yes Guy,” but it’s still a cool list regardless… Read more
TV Aug 1, 2012

Video: Boardwalk Empire Season 3 – Trailer

One of our current favorite shows, Boardwalk Empire, is set to return on September 16, 2012 on HBO. At the end of this trailer, the screen reads, YOU CAN’T BE HALF A GANGSTER, undoubtedly referring to the show’s main character … Read more
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