Bikes Aug 5, 2014

VANDEYK VDX Cyclocross

When you’re in the grip of high summer, there’s not a lot of things to look forward to about the weather getting cold and wet again. But here’s one – the VDX cyclocross frame from German cycle artisans VANDEYK. Cyclocross … Read more
Bikes Jul 5, 2013

VANDEYK x Rapha Continental

The maven bike-smiths over at VANDEYK unveiled their latest masterpiece, made in collaboration with Rapha Continental. Discovering the roads less traveled and the lost spirit of cycling, Rapha Continental has become a global movement with… Read more
Bikes Aug 6, 2011

Vandeyk ‘Nightstream’ Bikes

Vandeyk has made it their mission to build the most beautiful hand-crafted bikes out there. They present their first collection, entitled ‘Nightstream’. Each collection is limited to only 25 bikes and not single one more. Simplicity… Read more
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