Uncategorized Aug 2, 2010

Kult X Mojoko Vase

Kult (the crew behind Kult magazine and a new shop) has teamed with Mojoko on a commemorative vase inpsired by the current “Year of the Tiger.” The ceramic vase is 30cm high and features traditional blue on white decoration (think … Read more
Art Jan 28, 2010

BoConcept Mix Table Lamp and Vase

BoConcept has a few bits and bobs on offer that put a little Valentine spirit into design. The Mix Table Lamp comes in ubiquitous lovers red. More interesting are the vase offerings, which carry some reference to late 19th-century art … Read more
Art Jan 6, 2010

Paul Schneider | Ceramics

Still based in Texas, Paul Schneider began his life in ceramics at St. Mark’s in Dallas. A trip to Spain led to studying at La Universidad de Complutense in Madrid. His work is all hand thrown and each piece infused … Read more
Art Dec 24, 2009

Pretty Vases Collection

Made of PVC, designed to look like plumbing pipes, the Pretty Vases Collection by FX Ballery is produced for French shop Domeau&Peres. The intent is to turn the useful into the beautiful. Does it succeed? You be the judge. (via … Read more
Design Aug 7, 2009

Simon Hasan for Vauxhall Collective

Simon Hasan’s new collection of furniture for Vauxhall Collective was inspired by his trips to UK industrial and craft centers. The material takes from tradition – the splitting of wood timber, brass and stoneware production, leather… Read more
Design Jul 27, 2009

Object of Sound

Paris’ Nocc Studio has produced a series of objects built from graphics produced by a person’s voice pronouncing the objects name. Called “Object of Sound” the collection uses a 3D form of the sound and creates candles, vases, and… Read more
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