Books & Magazines Dec 17, 2010

“Murakami Versailles” Book

If you missed the exhibition, Editions Xavier Barral‘s latest publication Murakami Versailles memorializes the Japanese pop master’s take over of the Sun King’s Palace. Like Jeff Koons before, Murakami added contemporary flare to the… Read more
Art Sep 10, 2008

Koons AT Versailles | Installation Pictures

Controversial. Innovative. Wrong. Whatever the take, there’s no doubt that Jeff Koon’s exhibition at Versailles has raised eyebrows. The works are now installed and on view, and LaMJC has a great collection of images from the show. If… Read more
Art Jul 7, 2008

Jeff Koons Visiting Versailles

The Guardian reports that Jeff Koons will displayed at the Palace of the Sun King. From September to December, Versailles will host several of Koon’s sculptures. The exhibition of the work is groundbreaking, asserting that Versailles is… Read more
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