vinyl figure

Toys Jun 2, 2008

Shiro Nakano G-Shock Vinyl Figure

For the recently held G-Shock 25th anniversary celebrations, artist Shiro Nakano from Japan created the G-Shock vinyl figure. The figure comes in all black and features different G-Shock models as the head.  The Shiro Nakano figure is not… Read more
Toys Feb 1, 2008

Upper Playground x Sam Flores Fatima Vinyl Figure

Upper Playground and 12Grain’s Sam Flores have collaborated on the Fatima Vinyl figure, with a limited edition colorway sold exclusively through Upper Playground stores worldwide and Ningyoushi toys in San Francisco… Read more
Toys Nov 12, 2007

Sucklord 600 Vinyl Figure by Suckadelic

Suckadelic just released their very first Vinyl Figure, Sucklord 600. With the same irony that they approach pretty much everything, they also approached this toy. Sucklord 600 comes with several accessories including a boombox, lasersword… Read more
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