Art Dec 26, 2009

Futura x Oil Works Box Set

Futura teams with Hip-Hop collective Oil Works on a collaborative box set. The package consists of a vinyl picture 12″ EP (with music produced by Olive Oil), a t-shirt and a blanket, each outfitted with artwork from both Futura and … Read more
Art Nov 18, 2009

Bodega Wall Vinyl

Not really sure what to think about Bodega Wall Vinyl. On one hand, I’m not particularly fond of posters and find the sports wall vinyl (Fat Heads?) abominable. On the other, offering the work of established artists in an affordable … Read more
Toys Sep 25, 2008

Silas x Amos Cat Vinyl Toy

Amos Toys announced the release of this cat character vinyl toy this weekend, Saturday, September 27th. Silver and gold members of the Amos online store will be the only ones able to order the toy this weekend, before the general … Read more
Toys Aug 31, 2008

Bounty Hunter Kumaru Kun Vinyl Figure

Bounty Hunter, one of the pioneers in the vinyl toy market, known for their slogan "All Other Toys Suck", are at it again. Their newest toy, Kumaru Kun, will be released in Japan on September 6th. Similar in style to … Read more
Toys Jul 28, 2008

Dez Einswell x XLarge “Iron” Ape

A couple of months ago artist Dez Einswell got together with XLarge to work on the Ape vinyl toy. During SDCC the artist presented the latest version of the popular character – "Iron" Ape. Via Vinylpulse. Inspired by Iron Man, … Read more
Toys Jul 24, 2008

Pay Day Toy By N8 Van Dyke

The highly anticipated vinyl Pay Day toy from illustrator N8 Van Dyke dropped today. His Pay Day figurine features a bank-robbing chimp in a detachable walrus mask totting a gun and a bag of money. There are three models currently … Read more
Toys Jul 24, 2008

Kaws Sobukun “JJP” Vinyl Toy

Rumors have been floating around in the net all week about the release of the Kaws Sobukun "JJP" figure and we just got it confirmed. The latest toy by the New York artist was inspired by the Japanese police mascot … Read more
Toys Jul 21, 2008

Kidrobot x The Simpsons Vinyl Figures

Famous New York toy giant Kidrobot got together with the Simpsons and will bring out a series of mini figures of the famous characters of the show. From Homer to Bart to Sideshow Bob, they have everybody in the mix. … Read more
Toys Jul 4, 2008

Futura Tag Vinyl Sculpture

Futura’s trademark signature will soon be coming as a vinyl sculpture. Definitely a nice piece to be decorating your home. Adfunture will be launching it on July 18t at 12:01 (EST)h online and only 40 pieces have been made. Read more
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