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Art Jan 19, 2010

Elephant Magazine Website Launch

Elephant, a quarterly contemporary art and visual culture magazine, has officially launched on the web. The website offers a store, stocking the same high end design books as editor-in-chief Mark Valli’s Magma shops in London. A full… Read more
Art Dec 3, 2009

Grab Magazine No. 9

Issue number 9 from Grab is out now. The free publication includes a number of artistic features including editorials on Banksy’s takeover of the Bristol Museum and Nissan’s crossover campaign. Grab’s presentation is sound, and the… Read more
Art Jul 9, 2009

Japanese Drain Designs

Kristina Dryza has placed an intriguing post on The David Report about an under-examined piece of Japanese visual culture. As she reports, in the 1980s one Japanese bureaucrat devised a public art project that makes manhole covers a bit… Read more
Art Feb 7, 2009

Bill McMullen: “Hype, Hustle, Rip Off”

Bill McMullen’s work is at the locus of control between contemporary culture’s learned helplessness and mass production’s planned obsolescence. The seduction of immediate consumption, along with its resulting hand-to-mouth futurism… Read more
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