Accessories Feb 11, 2014

A Bathing Ape TYPE16 BAPEX

For Spring 2014, Japanese staple BAPE has another one of its popular BAPEX watches ready for release. The TYPE16 watch is inspired by some of our favorite Rolex silhouettes, this time by the Explorer II. The watch comes in two versions, … Read more
Accessories Dec 9, 2013

Dior Chiffre Rouge C03 Moonphase

The fashion world and more serious watch world have always had a difficult relationship. Only a very few brands have actually managed to be taken a little serious in the watch world, because a good watch is not supposed to … Read more
Watches May 11, 2013

becomb Silver Infinity Piece by Levi Maestro

Levi Maestro created the Infinity Piece to prove that when you’re dedicated to what you love, time becomes irrelevant. The Infinity Piece was created to be a reminder that you can never spend too much time on the things you’re… Read more
Watches May 6, 2013

The Best Looking iWatch Concept So Far

This latest iWatch concept by designer Martin Hajek has got to be the best and most Apple-like mockup yet. Unlike most designs we’ve seen, this concept watch shies away from some of the more futuristic interpretations by taking most of… Read more
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