wings + horns

Sneakers Jan 23, 2011

wings + horns Fall 2011 Sneakers

After a brief hiatus, Canadian label wings + horns reintroduces footwear into their collection for Fall 2011. Made in Italy at the same factory as many luxury labels, the sneakers follow clean, well-established lines and let the premium… Read more
Fashion Jan 1, 2011

Wings + Horns Spring/Summer 2011 Collection

Canadian label Wings + Horns presents their Spring/Summer 2011 Collection. The Cabinet of Curiosities and Wunderkammer (Wonder-rooms), were encyclopedic collections popularized during the Renaissance, cataloging objects and raritiies… Read more
Fashion Aug 20, 2010

Wings + Horns Fall/Winter 2010 Collection

Vancouver based Wings + Horns has never let us down. The brand continues to impress and presents a very solid and easy to wear line-up of product, that looks almost basic at first, but the extremely high quality and good … Read more
Fashion Jan 15, 2010

Wings + Horns Spring/Summer 2010 Lookbook

Vancouver, B.C. based label Wings + Horns presents their new collection lookbook. With their latest installment of “thoughtful coveted basics”, Wings + Horns presents two distinct sub-collections: Archive, the high quality basics and… Read more
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