year of the rat

Sneakers May 16, 2008

Greedy Genius “The Year Of The Rat”

Greedy Genius is also celebrating the Year Of the Rat and the Beijing Olympic with this Cool Breeze mode. It is part of the Greedy Genius Beach PRVLG Summer ’08 collection. “The Year of the RAT”  is all red napa … Read more
Fashion Feb 6, 2008

The Changes “Year Of The Rat” Collection

The Changes are made up of creative minds of today, with brains in the future, and eyes from the past. The brains actually belong to Sk*thng AKA KING ELVIS, Tokyo Sex Pistol and Icecream graphic designer, FERGADELIC AKA Aries Overlord, … Read more
Sneakers Sep 18, 2007

Reebok Pump Omni Lite “Year Of The Rat”

The Reebok Reverse Jam was an exciting new release and for next year Reebok has a strong Pump campaign waiting for you as well. Complex now reports about the Pump Omni Lite “Year Of The Rat”. Inspired by lucky-money envelopes … Read more
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