zx 90

Sneakers Nov 23, 2008

adidas ZX 90

After presenting you an adidas ZX 90 last week, we show you another new colorway here. The white/blue color-up is going in-line with the classic ZX feel. Look out for these to release soon! Read more
Sneakers Nov 20, 2008

adidas ZX 90 Run

A previously overlooked contemporary reworking of classic ZX Torsion DNA, the adidas ZX 90s Run’s sole inclusion in the aZX collaboration rollout courtesy of New York’s DQM team has offered a necessary spotlight on this streamlined… Read more
Sneakers Aug 14, 2008

Adidas aZX – ZX 7000 ARC & ZX 90 DQM

We continue to present you some exciting models out of the Adidas aZX range. Yesterday we presented to you the models in collaboration with WoodWood and Undefeated, today a first look at the Alife Rivington Club (ARC) and Dave’s Quality… Read more
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