Where the runway meets the street

Yet another hot collaborative project of Dr. Romanelli, this time with Recon and Jordan. The collection is the first NYC inspired collection by the Dr. and sports some great pieces.
“For his first ever NYC collection, the infamous DR. ROMANELLI has teamed up with downtown streetwear boutique Recon to release an ultra-limited edition of his legendary JORDAN Reconstruct jackets. Just in time for the holidays, these gorgeous handmade pieces are the finest the mad DR has ever created and represent the early years of the Jordan dynasty. Remixing mint condition original apparel from Jordan editions I—VI with a variety of premium leathers, Romanelli has recontextualized these athletic classics as the ultra-premium garments they were destined to become. Manhattan, you’ve just been cleared for Flight…”
They will be available at Recon on Friday, December 15th.

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