When it comes to backpacks the Visvim Ballistic series definitely marks the end of the line-up with an almost unbeatable quality. The new colorways are mostly in the brown tones and look great.
The new Ballistic 20 consists of Nylon by Dupont and the bottom is made of Elk Leather, one of those materials that Visvim is known for. The packpack takes 20 liters. A removable keyholder and an little hole for the headphone plug is also integrated.
The Ballistik K Pack features the same materials and features as the Ballistic 20, but the capacity is 25 liters.
These have now arrived at Star-J, so also look out at other Visvim accounts around the globe, in case you want one. The Visvim bagpacks always sell out like crazy, so you better be quick when you come across one.

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