The Designer Toy movement has also tremendously grown over the past years and lately it seems like everybody is writing books about it. This past week we got another new book about Designer Toys – Full Vinyl.
Full Vinyl is a book by Ivan Vartanian and also features essays by Akio Iida, Carlo McCormick, Noi Sawaragi, Andrea Robbins, Super7 and Clutter Magazine.
The book tries to explain exactly why this toy movement is exploding at the moment and how people look at it. Of course they try to explain it by giving little chapters of the book to the big names of the toy movement, such as Kaws, Bounty X Hunter, Gary Baseman, Kozik and the other big shots. With over 400 examples, its definitely a comprehensive and definitive history of toys. The only one that is missing in the book is Kidrobot, which is kind of strange.

It’s definitely an interesting read and a nice book to have for the collectors, just as well as for the people that are just getting in and want to know more about it. The book is a piece of art by itself. Not only does it come with a keychain, the binding of the book is made out of cardboard, the same kind that you use for packaging.
The book has been published by Harper Collins. Also check out the book from them written by Paul Budnitz , I Am A Plastic.
Check the pictures of pagespreads and of the cover to see exactly what we are talking about.

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